Truhart StreetPlus Coilovers for Honda & Acura


This coilover system is a budget based coilover that features a full twin tube design with integrated top aluminum mounts / top-hats, the StreetPlus coilover from Truhart is great for any one looking to to lower their vehicle and add some performance. The coilovers are setup with independant pre-loaded springs and adjustable lower mounts which allows you to adjust ride height without effecting the spring and therefore you will maintain the same ride quality without sacrifice no matter the ride height you choose. These coilovers do not come with adjustable dampers, you can find those in the Truhart Streetmax series.

The Truhart coilovers are available for a wide range of honda & acura and import applications, with great support from Truhart making rebuilds and replacements down the road easy. Back by a 2 year warranty which is higher than most higher-end coilovers, this makes all for a great choice on suspension.


- Twin Tube Shock Design
- Separate Pre-load spring
- Adjustable mount for ride height adjustment
- Powder Coated shock bodies & Anodized Lock Rings for durability
- Top-Hats or Camber Top-Plates included where applicable

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