Kaizen Racing SPD Coilovers + SPC Camber Arms


Kaizen Street Performance Dampers are meant for someone who is looking for a performance upgrade on their daily driver. These coilovers offer a great handling upgrade over stock, without giving you the extremely harsh "typical" coilover ride quality from setups meant for track use only.

We recommend our Street Performance Dampers for someone who daily drives their car, who wants a noticeable upgrade over stock. If your car is your "do everything car," from being driven every day, to mountain runs on weekends and the occasional autocross or track event, these are for you.


Adjustability: 33 Way Adjustable Compression/Rebound

Front Spring Rate: 6kg/mm

Rear Spring Rate: 7kg/mm

Pillowball Front Upper Strut Mounts with Camber Adjustability

Piston Diameter: 44mm Front/40mm Rear

Electroplated Shock Bodies to help prevent rust build up

Spring Bearing Mounts which help reduce noise and increase responsiveness of steering

Also please note, that we have selected these spring rates intentionally. Some other coilover manufactures may inflate spring rates to give a false sense of "sportiness." This creates an unnecessarily harsh ride for a daily driver setup. These rates are already slightly more than double the stock spring rate, and more than enough for the intended use of these coilovers. The slight bias to the rear in spring rate will also help initiate a bit of "neutral oversteer," versus the "neutral understeer" of the stock suspension.

SPC Camber Arms:

Get your 8th and 9th generation Civic or Acura CSX ILX track ready with SPCs forged aluminum adjustable rear camber arm SPC forged aircraft grade aluminum arm weighs less than the OE arm it will replace The arm is built with SPCs xAxis sealed flex joint to reduce compliance Its unique adjustment design permits on car adjustment of 3 camber Whether you need negative camber and reduced compliance for the track or want to get back to OE specifications after lowering this is the arm for you

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