Invidia Race Header 4-2-1 06-11 civic


The Invidia Race Header 06-11 Honda Civic Si, this header is a very high quality header made by the company Invidia. Invidia produces very high quality products at a very affordable price. This 4-2-1 polished stainless steel header is built to last and built to produce power from low-high rpms. You can drive this header on the street or take it to track events and you will see a benefit in both areas. These headers typically produce about 7-10hp on naturally aspirated configurations and even more on a supercharged vehicle. This header is considered a race header as it deletes the catalytic converter. You will notice a slight change in sound to a more raspy aggressive note. If you do want to retain smog and run this header you can easily get a high-flow cat to put in place to help pass. The header is bolt-on and can be installed with simple tools. Fitment is for the coupe or sedan.

Fitment: 8th generation 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Honda Civic Si (k20z3) Coupe or Sedan

Gains: +7hp to +10hp

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